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The Many Uses Of Alliance Hot-water Boilers

The Many Uses Of Alliance Hot-water Boilers If you are like many people you have heard of Alliance hot-water boilers in the movies, on television or you may even know a boiler technician, but that is generally where your knowledge ends.

The short answer is that a boiler heats water for use in residential or commercial buildings. However, there is a bit more to a Alliance hot water boiler than just heating water.

How You Hot-Water Boilers Can Be Used

Boilers and radiant heat are not really new concepts for years they were a staple heating source. Today you can get some neat heating options using coils and a hot water boiler:

  • Heated floor tiles
  • Heated shower tiles
  • Warm towel racks
  • Heated moldings!


Hot water boilers can vary in size greatly, they are measured in capacity and you can purchase units as small as 100 gallons or as large as 720 gallons. The more area you plan on heating with the unit the larger the capacity should be.


Boilers are generally fueled by either gas or coal; gas is the fuel source of choice for home hot water boilers while large companies generally use the coal-powered varieties. Of course, there are crossovers in each and choosing a boiler for your own use will again come down to application. There are even those who have begun using wood-fired boilers as an alternative heating source due to the skyrocketing cost of fossil fuels.

As heating costs continue to rise, consumers everywhere are looking into the efficiency of hot water boilers as an alternative to conventional heating. You should weigh your options carefully before making a change. Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • Is there a qualified service man in your area
  • Cost
  • Return on investment
  • Heating efficiency

There is quite a bit more to Alliance hot water-boilers, there are intricate systems, gas-condensing boilers and much more. Take the time to research all the facts.

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