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What is a boiler? A boiler is a gas, oil, electric, propane or solid fuel-burning appliance that produces hot water or steam which is circulated through pipes to heat radiating devices in a room. Many people consider Hot Water heating to be the ultimate in home comfort. If you are considering a new heating system for your home that will affect your comfort, health and the cost of running your household for years to come, you should consider the many advantages of automatic hot water heating (generally referred to as a hydronic system. Homeowners find that this type of system is reliable, clean and efficient without the noise, dust and drafts of hot air systems. The heat source is a boiler fueled most often by oil or gas, with a certified efficiency rating. A small pump circulates heated water through baseboard units, radiators or in floor radiant tubing in each room, where warmth is distributed evenly without fan noise or blowing air.

Of all natural materials for conducting heat, water is the best. Temperature changes of water can be accurately controlled and measured, so there is less "over-shooting" of thermostat settings and less wasted heat. And today's compact boilers, with improved heat-transfer technology, high efficiency burners and electronic controls are 30 to 40 percent more efficient than boilers installed a decade ago.

True comfort means being unaware of temperature and humidity and this is what you should expect from a superior heating system. If you feel hot or cold spaces or drafts in your home, the heating system is inadequate by today's standards. Conventional hydronic systems bring warmth to a room through the flow of warmed air through the room from an enclosed heating surface inside baseboard units. Heating elements are located along the outside wall, under windows to counteract chill downdraft's. Even when the flow of water through the tubing stops, the heating element continues to disperse its warmth without the abrupt "on-off" cycling of forced air systems.

Hydronic systems are reliable from the day they're installed and offer trouble-free service for decades. A few operating components will have to be adjusted over the years, or have to be replaced eventually. But the basic equipment is sturdy and reliable. With only a little attention, a hydronic system provides infallible heat on demand for many years. A hydronic system, as a whole, is uncomplicated with few moving parts.

Radiant heat is a form of hydronic (hot water) heat that circulates warm water through special tubing and installs in or underneath floors. Radiant heat systems heat objects throughout the room, so you can feel the difference. It eliminates cold drafts and keeps the heat at the floor, warming you and the furniture, not the air. Hydronic heating is a system of heating that uses hot water or steam instead of air. You get two types of heat delivery: radiant heat and convected heat. Radiant heat warms you directly, like the sun's rays. Convected heat is carried by warm air circulating in a room.

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We Provide Boilers to the Following Areas

Stark County - Alliance, OH | Canton, OH | Louisville, OH | Massillon, OH | North Canton, OH | Hartville, OH | Minerva, OH | Greentown , OH | Paris, OH | Uniontown, OH | Middlebranch, OH | Maximo, OH | Limaville, OH | Robertsville, OH Mahoning County - Canfield, OH | Columbiana, OH | Salem, OH | Lake Milton, OH | North Jackson, OH | Berlin Center, OH | Damascus, OH | Ellsworth, OH | Sebring, OH | Newton Falls, OH
Portage County - Atwater, OH | Brimfield, OH | Deerfield, OH | Edinburg, OH | Kent, OH | Wayland, OH | Ravenna, OH | Diamond, OH | Randolph, OH | Rootstown, OH | New Milford, OH | Windham, OH
Columbia County - Columbiana, OH | Salem, OH | Homeworth, OH | North Georgetown, OH | East Rochester, OH | Lisbon, OH | Hanoverton, OH | Kensington, OH | Washingtonville, OH | Winona, OH

Why Homeowners in Alliance Should Hire Us for Boilers

Our professional technicians are more than happy to provide you with the answers to the many questions that you might have for your HVAC system. We are dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our clients by providing quality without compromise.

We provide quality heating and air conditioning services to fit your needs. In addition to providing first-rate service, we also strive to keep our prices fair by leveraging our experience and relationships with manufacturers to create a streamlined and cost-efficient process.

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