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Alliance Cooling Solutions - Air Conditioning Duct Repair, Not Replacing Your Air Conditioner

If you own the same house or building for a number of years, there will probably come a time when you have to replace a central air conditioning unit and/or an air handler, which means that you,ll have to invest a decent amount of money in the value of your property. Trying to sell a property that doesn,t heat or cool properly is like trying to sell a vehicle that doesn,t have any seats; the value of your property in the eyes of prospective buyers will decline by far more than what it would cost to solve your heating and cooling problems. In the southern U.S., air conditioning in the summer is simply a necessity. But if your property is experiencing cooling problems, there,s no need to jump to the conclusion that your entire air conditioning system needs to be replaced. Usually, the solution is much simpler and costs you a fraction of what you would pay to replace a central air conditioning unit or an air handler.

When a house or building fails to cool properly, it,s usually the result of one part of the air conditioning system malfunctioning and not the result of the entire system going kaput. Just as a failing car engine is usually the result of a single bad part, so is a failing air-conditioning system, and that failing part often isn,t a mechanical part. Instead, poor indoor cooling is often the result of old or improperly maintained ductwork. Air conditioning duct repair can be necessitated by a variety of factors, such as damage to air ducts by rodents, weakened seals between duct segments or massive collections of dust that eventually occlude air vents and make your house or building feel like a refrigerator that,s missing its door. But in each case, Alliance air-conditioning duct repair is usually a simple, financially painless process.

One of the most common signs that your house or building is suffering from faulty ductwork is if your air conditioner is running full swing but you have to set your thermostat at an excessively low level to achieve a level of cooling that is degrees above that level. In most cases, the air conditioner,s failure to cool your home or building according to the thermostat setting is the result of a lack of air pressure that comes from cool air exiting through weakened seals or holes on its way to your out flowing vents. In other words, the cool air is getting lost in your floors, ceilings and walls where the ductwork is hidden. When an Alliance air conditioning repair technician investigates your problem, he or she can use a pressure reading to determine whether or not your ductwork is properly sealed. With the problem identified, the technician will go about mending the leaky seals, cleaning dirty vents or replacing the damaged segments, returning your home or building from a summertime over to a nice place to cool off.

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