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Alliance Cool or Warm Mist - Which of These Humidifiers Should You Choose?

humidfier For people living in areas where the temperature gets bone-chilling, using an air humidifier can improve the indoor air quality. When it gets too cold the humidity in the air drops to unhealthy levels, when the humidity in the air drops below 30 percent it can cause a myriad of health issues, like skin irritation, dry sinuses, and increased asthma attacks. Using a humidifier increases the amount of moisture in the air making it easier to breath and also healthier for the people living in the house.

In the past, air humidifiers in Alliance were not that popular because the older models were noisy machines that are hard to clean and some were found to have a tendency to expel unhealthy particles into the air; fortunately today,s models are quieter and have improved performance, there are even some models that can be integrated into the house,s air conditioning system. There are generally two types of air humidifiers, and both have their own pros and cons.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

A cool mist humidifier creates water vapor through the use of a fast spinning disk found inside the unit. The mist produced by the disk is then dispersed into the atmosphere by a fan.

The pros in using a cool mist humidifier:

- Since it does not have any heating elements they are safe to use around children;

- They are easy to clean;

- Can humidify a larger area;

- Cool mist is easier to breath.

The cons:

- Most models have a noisy fan

- Because it has a tendency to disperse minerals in the air, tap water should not be used

- The wick in the evaporating type humidifiers can easily get dirty and is prone to developing mold

Warm Mist Humidifiers

These humidifiers produce water vapor by heating water using a heating element inside the device, thereby producing steam. These are the types of humidifiers preferred by people who live in colder climates, because it can also provide heat during cold days.

Here are the pros in using a warm mist humidifier:

- The warm mist from the device is great for unclogging congested sinuses, it can also be used for treating people with colds and flu;

- They are quieter that cool mist humidifiers because they do not have a fan;

- The best thing about this type of humidifier is the water is heated to produce steam, meaning no minerals will be strewn in the air so you can use tap water

The cons:

- Because of the heating element inside the device, it can be quite dangerous when there are little children around;

- They are only effective in a small area, usually used in a small, enclosed room

- If the unit is left running for a long time it could make a room feel stuffy

Whichever type of Alliance air humidifier you use for your home, you will surely have better indoor air quality than before. So, if you want the air inside your home to be conducive for making people healthier, do consider investing in an air humidifying system.

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